Everything You Need to Know About Holidaying in Barcelona

What do you think of when you hear the word “Barcelona?” The football team? Freddie Mercury? Of course, what you should think of is a fantastic world city and travel destination. It’s never been easier to take a holiday in Europe. City breaks are all the rage for UK tourists. European cities are often our chosen destinations. Lots of people choose Paris, Rome or Amsterdam. We think that Barcelona beats all those cities hands down. Here’s everything you need to know about taking a Catalan holiday.

The first thing you’ll need to organise is a place to stay. That’s the most important factor for any holiday. If you can get the right hotel, you’ll set your stay off with a bang. The wrong hotel can spoil your whole trip. For more details on Barcelona’s holiday apartments, click here, but the basics are simple enough. Barcelona has a reputation as an expensive city for holidaymakers. In fact, it’s easy to spend too much money in any European city. The opposite is also the case – there are always bargains available to those with a keen eye. You should use price comparison sites to find the best package deals for your Barcelona accommodation. These deals also include flights, which can save you a lot of hassle. Many UK airports fly to Barcelona, including Birmingham, Manchester and the main London hubs.


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Once you’ve arrived and settled, you’ll want to know what to do! Barcelona is full of exciting and interesting tourist spots. The Catalan culture is distinct from much of typical Spanish culture. That means Barcelona feels different to most of the rest of Spain. We think it’s a good idea to explore the city as much as possible. It has some fantastic architecture for you to appreciate. Barcelona is the home of many great Modernist buildings. The stunning Sagrada Familia is perhaps the best-known. Antoni Gaudi, an architect who spread his works throughout the city, designed the place. You could spend the day hunting down all his masterpieces.

Food lovers will adore Barcelona as well. There are a hundred and one great places to go for tapas, of course. You should also look out for pintxos, a Basque variation on typical tapas. You may also wish to mix alcohol in with your food experiences. We can’t blame you for that. The city is awash with bars of all shapes and sizes. Keep an eye open for one that suits your style and taste.

Barcelona is a city for everyone. Sports fans can visit the famous Camp Nou, home of FC Barcelona. There are also venues from the 1992 Summer Olympics dotted throughout the city. Literary types can take a stroll around the Raval, where Barcelona’s trademark culture thrives to this day. Children will love Barcelona’s wide array of sweetshops. Sun lovers can spend the day lounging on glorious sandy beaches.

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It’s fair to say that Barcelona has it all. We think that any tourist would love to spend a week or more in this glorious city. Book your trip now. You’re sure to have an absolute blast.


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