Essential laptop accessories for the modern traveller

If you’ve chosen to head out into the world more during 2014, then the likelihood is that you’ll be taking your laptop on the move with you (or at least your tablet – click here for more information on tablets).  However, as well as the device itself, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all of the necessary accessories packed. This guide should help you plan out exactly what will need to go in the rucksack and what you can do without.
Electrical converters and adapters

This is definitely top of the list.  Unless your device has a battery pack the size of Brighton, you’re going to need to charge it regularly.  Unfortunately, not all countries use the same power supply.  The US and Canada, for instance, use 110-volt electricity, with a lot of others making use of power between 220-240 volts.  You’ll therefore need to take an adapter to ensure you can plug-in your device wherever you can during the journey.  There are multiple guides from sites such as Kropla, which companies need which adaptors and the adaptors themselves can usually be purchased on the web.

Wireless cards and ethernet cables

Assuming that you’re going to want to connect to the web whilst you’re away (how else will you get on Facebook!), you’ll need some method of connecting to the networks at your hotels and hostels.  Most facilities will offer a net connection of some kind but it’s a good idea to call ahead and see what the options are going to be.  Some places will have Wi-Fi, in which case most modern laptops will be able to connect automatically.  On some occasions, though, you may be required to plug-in directly to the connection, in which case you should take an ethernet cable.  These cost very little and can be bought from virtually any major supermarket.

Surge Protection

Unfortunately, some less developed countries will have more questionable electrics, meaning that it’s important to protect your laptop against surges – otherwise it could easily get fried.  Fortunately, surge protection electrical strips can be purchased (assuming the laptop doesn’t already have one).  This is ideal for countries where the voltage is different to yours.  It’s also obviously important to ensure that you get the right surge protector – surge protectors for 110 volts aren’t interchangeable with those set for 220 volts.

Flash drives and other accessories

If you’re travelling for a reasonable amount of time, then it’s a good idea to stock up on a couple of decent sized flash drives or a larger USB hard-drive full of your favourite movies, music and TV shows (you’ll need them if you’re anticipating longer stays at the airport).  It’ll also mean that you can take an absolute ton of photos whilst you’re on the move and store them straight away, keeping the camera itself relatively empty.  It’s never a bad idea to pack an extra laptop battery and portable keyboard and mouse, in case your main ones give up the ghost when you’re half way around the world!

A good carry case

Go for quality.  Quality means durability and you’ll need something that can take a bit of impact without the item itself being damaged.  You want a lot of padding and a tough exterior material.

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