Enjoy Puerto Vallarta with a Luxury Villa Holiday


Choosing a destination for a family holiday – or a romantic break – is something that takes a lot of consideration. You need to decide what you want from your time away from home; are you looking for sun, sea and sand, do you want pure relaxation, or is there an element of fun and nightlife involved in your ideal plans? If you go to Puerto Vallarta, a stunning coastal city in Mexico and a very popular resort, you can experience the best of all worlds, and we guarantee you will love it.

The only real problem you have is choosing where to stay, as the sheer variety and abundance of luxurious Puerto Vallarta villas is amazing. A villa makes great sense as holiday accommodation for reasons that we will come to later on, but needless to say the privacy and convenience of a villa holiday cannot be overlooked. Most villas occupy prime spots along the bay, so it is worth checking them out to find the one that has the best location and amenities for your desires.

Puerto Vallarta is not as expensive a destination as you may at first believe; cheap air travel means Mexico is now easily accessible from across the world, and the local airport caters for many millions of international passengers every year. Despite its popularity, you will find Puerto Vallarta to be free of crowds of tourists, relaxed and yet exciting at the same time, with plenty to see and do, and much to enjoy.

Why Choose Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta sits on the Bay of Banderas, a beautiful stretch of clear blue Pacific Ocean water that is a major attraction for many visitors. The city itself was developed largely in the 19th century, and features many fine examples of colonial architecture, particularly churches and other public buildings. Tourism makes up much of the local economy, but that does not mean the city is purely tourist-based.

It is, however, ideal for a holiday, whether for families or couples, and there is much to see, do and enjoy in and around the city. Check out the spectacular scenery provided by the local Sierra Madre mountains, with wonderful waterfalls, glorious rivers and fabulous forests to explore, or – as most tourists do – head to the amazing beaches, which will be in easy walking distance of your chosen villa. Here, you can relax in the sun on beautiful soft sands, or seek shelter in the shade of a palm tree, and watch the world go by with no worries.

Or, if you prefer, you can indulge in a spot of diving: the clear waters of the bay are perfect for exploring and enjoying the wonderful underwater wildlife here, and the spectacular rock formations that rise out of the bay are an additional attraction. Sport fishing is popular here, too, so you can try your hand if you wish from any of the many charter boats you can find along the bay. It’s a place where you can relax by day and then come alive at night, as the rest of the city does.

Nightlife and Culture

Puerto Vallarta is a great place by day, with some interesting shops, fascinating museums and galleries and welcoming cafes, but by night you can let your hair down and enjoy yourself to the full. Lively bars offer a great chance to sample local drinks – be careful with the tequila – and enjoy the noise and bustle of the city, while thriving nightclubs are a major attraction. If you want to try local cuisine, check out one of the many excellent restaurants along the Malecon – the paved walkway along the shore, perfect for a romantic evening walk – or in the Old Town, and try the local speciality of grilled red snapper in a unique sauce – you won’t regret it!

Then, it’s back to your luxurious villa – whenever you want – to enjoy a relaxing drink in the outdoor area, under the darkening Mexican sky, or simply to use the entertainment facilities provided. It’s your choice, but you will certainly find the facilities at your disposal to be more than welcome. Some of the Puerto Vallarta villas come with two meals provided a day, or you could choose self-catering, but most will have an outdoor cooking area, so you could choose to enjoy a late evening barbeque – great fun for all the family!

This is a place where you can take life at your own pace; if you choose to use the dining services provide you will be treated to excellent meals twice a day – assuming your villa comes with that provision – but it is recommended you check out the local markets selling fresh produce – particularly fish, fruit and vegetables – of a high standard, and at surprisingly sensible prices, so you can cook splendid meals yourself at home.

An Enlightening Holiday

There is something special about Puerto Vallarta that makes people return time and time again; the sensibly priced and surprisingly affordable villas play a part, as does the variety of facilities, the beautiful beaches, and the friendly welcome. Local culture and cuisine also makes it an interesting and fascinating destination, and the fact it is easy to reach from the local airport means you have a painless approach. Have a closer look at the available Puerto Vallarta villas, each of which is perfectly placed for access to the beach and the sea, and you will find you can afford a luxury holiday for all the family in this quite spectacular setting.

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