East Coast Vs. West Coast: What’s the Best American Adventure



The U.S. is a big place. Too big for most people to see in one trip, in fact, but that’s okay.

Just about anywhere you go has so much to do that you’ll probably feel like you barely scratched the surface, but if you think you might only have once chance to make it over there you might wonder where you can get the best experience.

The first thing I’d have to tell you is to head out to the coast. It’s home to some of America’s biggest and most vibrant cities from L.A. to New York, which is a lot more exciting than the mile after mile of cornfields you might see inland.

But of course, there’s more than one coast, so which has the most to offer?

East Coast

With the unique excitement and atmosphere of New Orleans in Florida, and the history in Washington D.C. there’s something in the east for every traveller. If you want to experience culture, New York is a metropolis like no other, home to shows and landmarks famous the world over, and from there you can head down Boston’s Freedom Trail to learn the history of the American revolution.

Further south you can check out historical landmarks from the colonial era or learn about the civil rights movement in Birmingham, Alabama. Or if your taste is a little more contemporary, Florida is home to Disney World, possibly the world’s most famous theme park.

West Coast

On the other side there’s everything from Seattle, with its Space Needle, hilarious amphibious and underground tours, and science fiction museum (no really) to the glamour of Tinseltown and the rugged nature of Yosemite National Park, not to mention the Grand Canyon, possibly the most famous and impressive natural landmark anywhere.

The best part is you can see a great mixture of history, culture, and nature with Trek America’s package holidays. You can even head as far inland as Arizona to check out Monument Valley, whose red stone pillars are iconic to the western movie genre, with the help of an authentic Navajo guide who will lead to you parts of the landscape inaccessible to anyone else.

The Verdict

Maybe you saw this coming, but in the end the place to go depends on what you want to see and do. Both coasts have something for everyone.

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