Dreaming Of a White Christmas? Visit These 10 Places to Feel Christmas Spirit

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If you have always dreamed of white Christmas, you need to visit one of the following snow destinations and have fun. Christmas is amusing, but it gets more enchanting when you celebrate at a place surrounded by snow. If you are willing to experience that magical moment while surrounded by white, fluffy snowflakes, the following are the top choices:

Reykjavik in Iceland

When you tell a tour guide or travel agent “I want a white Christmas in a snowy country”, high chances they will recommend Iceland. As the name suggests, Iceland is the land of ice. During the winter season, the temperatures in this place can drop up to levels of -2oC, a feature that makes it an ideal place to capture amazing Christmas snowfall.

The place is also characterized by winds during December, so you are advised to bring some good snow gear during the visit. When you drive northwards, you may even be able to have a good view of the Northern Lights activity.

Tallinn in Estonia

This Estonian town is known for cheap drinks and foods and is thus a good choice for those who want to celebrate white Christmas on budget. From Tallinn, you can travel by boat to Helsinki, another city in Europe, which experiences spectacular snowfall.

Alps and Sapporo in Japan

Japan will not come to mind when you talk of the top 10 snowy countries, but areas such as Sapporo offer amazing white Christmas experience. The Alps and the north of Japan are among the world’s snowiest places during winter. This now falls over during the Christmas season and up to New Year’s Eve.

Tromsø in Norway

This town, the most northern spot in the world located in the Arctic Circle, is a very popular destination for white Christmas.

The snowfall begins early in the year, on or about October. You can walk the town by foot, and you can get there by bus, plane or Hurtigruten cruise.  If you want to start planning your trip, but experience lack in time, ask someone write my essay and feel free to enjoy winter holidays.

New York City in the U.S.A

New York City offers a different kind of experience to those who want to celebrate Christmas differently. Most notable in the city are amazing store displays, ice skating rinks and the city sometimes experiences blankets of snow. It is a good destination, especially when traveling with kids who may not withstand extreme temperatures.

Moscow in Russia

During the month of December, Moscow temperature averages 0oC, and there are frequent snow flurries. The snowfall in Russia is sometimes so intense that people get days off due to the transport collapse. Also, the Red Square transforms to a festive market and the capital starts looking like a snowy Christmas city.

Quebec City in Canada

Located in the white north of the Americas, Quebec City is known all over the world for December snowfall, a feature that makes it an ideal choice for snowy Christmas vacation.

Lapland in Finland

If you are searching for fun and unique experience this Christmas, you may need to travel to Finland. The Fins believe that Santa lives in Rovaniemi a remote town situated in the Arctic Circle.

This village is locally known as the Santa’s Village, and it is the place where you can meet and see the Santa himself. In the village, you can also ride husky-drawn sleighs and pat reindeer. As it is located in Arctic Circle, you are almost assured of downfall almost every day, and you will have a spectacular view of Northern Lights.

Vienna and Salzburg in Austria

Vienna and Salzburg in Austria are good destinations for those who want to experience a white Christmas. Vienna is large city and offers almost everything that you can dream of including skiing, snowboarding and has panoramic views of ice and snow on trees, building, and roads. However, Salzburg is equally mesmerizing and is a good choice for those who want to have fun outside the usual hassle and bustle of the city. The city is popularly known as Mozart’s birthplace, and lights up very well during the Christmas season, filling the courtyard and main squares.

Budapest in Hungary

Budapest is characterized by gentle but frequent snowfall in December. This eclectic city offers a unique experience for all the visitor’s thanks to its thermal baths and run bars. You can immerse yourself further in fun by touring Budapest markets, taking a boat ride, and participating in the outdoor ice rink.

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