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Overview: Inspired by the BBC’s War and Peace? Explore the land of the Tsars! Here are our top destinations in Russia.

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Were you recently inspired by the BBC’s lavish production of War and Peace? If so, you’re not alone! Many have been inspired to research trips to Russia, in the hope of experiencing the land of the Tsars for themselves. But it’s not all history – Russia offers a range of destinations, from buzzing cities to peaceful hiking routes. Here are our top four destinations in Russia.

Russia is a huge country and many parts rarely see tourists at all. Before travelling, ensure that you plan your trip well and take out some valid travel insurance that will cover your entire journey. It is best to speak with your provider before travelling to be sure that you will be covered – many European travel policies only cover you west of the Ural Mountains, so St. Petersburg and Moscow are often covered, but eastern Russia requires a worldwide travel insurance policy.



When thinking of Russia, most people think of Moscow. This is Russia’s capital, and home to the country’s most famous attractions. Most famous of all is Red Square, which sits in a stunning complex of churches and palaces. Visit the Kremlin, see Lenin’s mausoleum and wonder at the beautiful St. Basil’s Cathedral.

The city is also home to the famous Bolshoi Theatre, where you can see the world’s top ballet troupe perform their famous Swan Lake. This is an experience that can’t be missed! If you like cuisine, then make sure you sample the Bliny – a delicious Russian pancake, which is served either sweet or savoury at cafes across the city. To walk it off, you can take a stroll around one of the city’s parks – it boasts over 100.

St. Petersburg

st petersburg

Pretty St. Petersburg is Russian’s second capital. North of Moscow, this city is perhaps most synonymous with its canals and waterways. These have led some to dub St. Petersburg the ‘Venice of the North’. This is a destination for art and culture buffs. Perhaps the most renowned attraction in the city is The Hermitage art gallery. This is so large that estimates suggest it would take 11 years for a visitor to see all of its collections! The Peter and Paul Fortress in the city is also a must-see attraction. It contains the remains of all of Russia’s pre-revolutionary leaders, and dates back to 1703.

Lake Baikal


If it isn’t a city break that you’re after, then travel to pretty Lake Baikal – the world’s deepest lake! This lake is so large that it’s known as the ‘Siberian Sea’. In the summer it is home to campsites, where nature-watchers and hikers pitch their tents and explore the surrounding countryside. In the winter the lake is just as busy, when people come to enjoy ice skating and dog sledding on its frozen waters.

Make the stunning shoreline village of Listvyanka your base. There are a range of hotels and restaurants on offer here, with something to suit every budget. The lake is also famous for its local legend – it’s reputed to contain a sea monster, much like Loch Ness!


To see a different side of Russia, visit the fascinating city of Vladivostok, which sits close to the Chinese border. The influence of China is evident in the area’s cuisine – it is famous for its seafood and noodle dishes, making it a unique destination for foodies. The highlight of any trip here is Eagle’s Nest Hill, which offers bird’s eye views across the city. You will see why Vladivostok is known as the ‘San Francisco of Russia’! The city is also the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian railway, with a train from Moscow taking six days.

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