Consumers Love Apps – But Only the Ones They Know



The use of mobile applications is a powerful habit amongst consumers from the USA, according to new research findings from comScore, and an increasing amount of users are spending time accessing video, social media, and music on their smartphone and tablets. Many, however, are set in their ways, and are not keen on trying out new applications, suggest the data.

The 2017 U.S. Mobile Application Report

The recently released 2017 Mobile App Report shows that a big percentage of mobile application users’ time is spent at social media networks like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter; watching videos on the YouTube app; enjoying online betting NZ activities or listening to the music on applications like Pandora or Spotify.

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Insights for comScore, Andrew Lipsman, stated that it is getting more difficult for new categories to manage to break their way through, as there are fewer users downloading these. He added that the market was harder, and that the pressure was on to create something very innovative, and exceedingly novel in order for it to get noticed.

Old Habits are Hard to break

Most smartphone users don’t download new applications monthly, according to the comScore report, and the discovery of new apps is down across a number of channels, including word-of-mouth recommendations, advertising, and app stores.

Millennials do download new applications, but older users are not as interested in doing so, and instead show signs of becoming net-deleters. The main reason that applications are deleted across the entire range of age groups seems to be that they have fallen into neglect, and are not being used.

Top 10 Applications = 96% of Users’ Time

The top 10 apps on users’ smartphones account for a minimum of 96% of the time they spend using that device, according to the comScore study, and the number one app accounts for 50% of their time!

Facebook and Google are at the top of the list, and control the top six and eight spots on the list of the Top 10 Most Used Apps. Facebook is the top application, Facebook Messenger is at number three, and the Facebook-owned Instagram is number six. Google owns YouTube, which is at number two, and Google Search and Google Maps hold the number four and five spots respectively. Google Play and Gmail come in at numbers eight and nine, and the remaining two applications in the Top 10 are Snapchat, at number seven, and Pandora, at number ten.

The Developing Trend for Mobile Applications

The market for mobile applications is a big one, and it is still showing growth from the perspective of revenue. Consumers around the world will spend US$56.4 billion on mobile games and mobile applications, and 82% of that revenue will come from gaming apps, according to data released by New Zoo. By the year 2020, that revenue is expected to skyrocket up to US$85 billion, with a total of 76% coming from gaming apps. However, the number of new applications installed on smartphones and tablets is steadily declining, and it’s getting harder and harder for new developers to find their feet.

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