Come Close to European Culture with the Cuisines



The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium are home to some of the most luscious cuisines and while being on Europe tour, you must explore their culinary culture to know the continent well. Sometimes there are places in small villages that are renowned globally for their particular cuisine and at times you can also visit fancy restaurants to fill your appetite.  When you are in any particular area, you would get to know all the aspect of the place only through the local culture and cuisines being integral part of the culture must be tasted.

Different regions of Germany have their own culinary style and whether you are in Berlin or Bavaria, you can enjoy the particular specialty of the region. Berlin has buletten, currywurst and hackepeter as snacks while the main course consists of ierkuchen, kartoffelpuffer and konigsberger klopse. You must try these dishes when you in Germany as part of your Europe holiday package. Though Bavaria has its fame more for the beverages, there are some food varieties also that you should try on your tour. Pichelsteiner and bayrisch creme are some of the dishes that would introduce you to the culture of Bavaria. Some of the restaurants that you can explore on your Europe tour of Berlin include Lokal, Engelbecken and Lebensmittel in Mitte. The latter has its fame for Schnitzel and you must try that when you are there.

Considered as the national dish of Belgium, moules-frites is almost similar to French fries but has distinct taste on account of the way Belgian cooks prepare it. The place in the capital Brussels where you can enjoy the dish the best way is at La Bonne Humeur. It’s since 1954 that they are serving the dish and their distinct authentic style is what that has kept them in business for so long. There are a number of other savoury Belgian dishes that you would love to have including waterzooi, boudin and stoemp. For desserts you can go for waffles, speculoos and croustillons.

Moeders or Mothers is the restaurant you must go to if you intend to enjoy the best Dutch dishes in the capital Amsterdam. The cozy ambience would make you feel at home the moment you enter and the traditional dishes of stamppot and poffertjes will enhance your closeness with the country. The other restaurants where you can go for the Dutch culinary trip include Viscafe De Gouden Hoek and Rijks.

Enjoy the culinary culture and include the restaurants in your Europe tour package and for planning the trip, SOTC stands firmly with you.

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