Canada’s East Coast: Three Cities JustFly Says You Need To Visit

While Canada is famous for cities like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, these three cities all have one thing in common. All three cities listed happen to sit either in central or Western Canada. While provinces like Ontario, Quebec, or British Columbia are some of Canada’s most populous, they aren’t inherently better than Canada’s East coast offerings. To find out more about Canada’s Eastern cities I spoke with JustFly, an online travel agency. They gave me three cities definitely worth seeing if you find yourself touring Eastern Canada. 

Quebec City, Quebec

Canada’s oldest and most historic city, Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec. Now, you may be wondering why Quebec City is considered East coast and Montreal is not. Well, the province of Quebec is massive. Quebec City itself actually sits at the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River, a water system that feeds directly into the ocean. So, what makes Quebec City awesome? Well, according to JustFly’s review, Quebec City is one the oldest walled cities in North America. It is truly a looking glass into the settlement of North America in general, and helps tell the story of the formation of both Canada and the United States. Some big highlights include the old city district, the Chateau Frontenac (which is the most photographed hotel in the World), and the Citadelle Of Quebec.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Now, a true East coast city. Halifax sits directly on the Atlantic and is the capital of Nova Scotia. This region is remarkably unique thanks to its bizarre history as an English, French, and Acadian heritage. In fact, traditional Acadian culture nearly disappeared thanks to the Acadian Expulsion of the 1700’s, with many Acadians eventually being forced to settle in French colonies or what is now known as Louisiana (thus largely explaining the creole traditions of the region). So, what do you do in Halifax? Well, downtown Halifax sits directly on the ocean. With countless bars and restaurants to see you definitely won’t go hungry. Halifax is also home to Canada’s best seafood. The waterfront area is also brimming with life, with busker festivals and various ceremonial military activities.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI)

By no means a large city, Charlottetown, PEI is one of Canada’s most beautiful cities. Sitting in Canada’s smallest province, the city itself is actually home to Province House. This building itself played host to the negotiations that eventually resulted in the formation of Canada in 1867. In addition to this historical attraction, Charlottetown as a beautiful downtown core and a revitalized waterfront that is perfect for exploring and enjoying.


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