Best Services for Online Learning While You Travel



Thanks to advancements in technology, social networks, smartphones, and a vast amount of available helpful applications, online learning became a choice of many successful students and those who have to travel a lot! You do not have to take a long break from the studies when you are in the middle of an unknown city or stuck in a hotel room. Even sitting at the airport and waiting for the next flight connection, you can still continue with your studies and progress wherever you may be! With this bright idea in mind, we have compiled the list of the best services for online learning while you travel! Get ready for the ride!

  •! Duolingo is one of the most helpful applications for online learning for active travelers. It lets you translate any text that you encounter while traveling to the language of your choice. It is second to none when you have to learn a foreign language and give it as much time or attention span as your situation allows! You can learn a language for free and do it easily —  just as you’d play an entertaining game. Check it out and we promise that you will enjoy it as your travels will become enriched with the new language skills!
  •! Let us introduce you to Coursera – the great online courses that allow you to learn the subject of your choice online and earn valuable knowledge from the best universities of the United States like Yale, Michigan and Stanford among others! There also unique online learning choices of learning along with the leading companies like Google and IBM. It is a great opportunity and you can join for free to see what it has to offer! You can study at any time and see all the flexible schedule options that fit you the best!
  •! A unique online tutoring and homework help platform where students and experienced tutors come together! This amazing online learning service is designed specifically to help the students improve their academic results, plan their homework assignments, and receive help from experienced tutors and the college professors exactly when they need it! The Homework Lab is a great resource where any student can benefit from the modern homework-management instruments. No matter where you are and how difficult your college or university assignment is, professional and timely homework help assistance is always there!
  •! If you have not heard of Quora before, it is worth a visit! If you have a question not directly related to your field of study or you need a cultural tip or opinion from a person living in a city that you are planning to visit, you can ask a question and receive answers from verified specialists and just the casual people. We believe that it is a great online learning tool that will greatly improve your socio-cultural skills and help you to make new friends and become a part of a great community. Quora makes you feel that you belong as you learn and share your knowledge, skills, and experiences with the rest of the world!
  •! We want to tell you about the world’s leading provider of the free travel courses for the travel agents! From product training, the skills courses to prizes and the news on traveling, it is a great online learning resource and a platform for the travel and tourism industry. With the eight industry awards, Online Travel Training is a perfect e-learning library with over 200 free travel product courses. If you like to travel and you want to learn something online from any place of a world, join the amazing team of like-minded individuals!
  •! If you like to travel and learn at the same time, it is a great idea to combine both and embark on one of the most incredible career paths by exploring these travel and tourism online courses offered by the Oxford’s Home Study Center! Covering a great variety of contemporary subjects, you have all the resources and course materials online, full tutor support, and a chance to study according to your own schedule and pace with no deadlines of any kind to worry about!

Remember: you can always study and travel at the same time! The trick here is to use all the benefits of the modern technology and globalization because there are always available online learning choices with no deadlines that allow you to work at your own pace and enjoy the places you travel! May your academic path be blessed and we hope that you have enjoyed our little review of the helpful online learning tools for the fellow travelers!

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