Best sailing destinations for boating enthusiasts

For the avid sailor, feeling the wind in your hair and smelling the salt in the air is the ultimate expression of freedom. The lucky few cruise the waters in their super yachts, while the rest of us have to be content with commercial cruises. However, a little more than the cost of a commercial cruise gets you a charter yacht, affording you privacy as you cruise the waters of your choice.

Sailing is a great way to travel and experience different cultures, while also viewing some breath-taking horizons and vistas. Ask sailors about their favourite sailing destinations and you’ll be hard pressed to stop them from listing beautiful escape after beautiful escape. To be fair though, the destinations should be more than just visual delights. They should offer great opportunities for sailing, anchoring and going ashore and exploring.

Andaman, Thailand

The 120 miles from Phuket to the Malaysian border are dotted with hundreds of limestone islands, each of which is a unique paradise. Many islands have hongs or caves, tunnels and chambers inside the island that you can explore. If you’re seeking solitude, you can sail the depths of Phang Nga Bay or sail to the nearest beach restaurant and curl your toes in the sand as you sip your cold Singha. The Thai’s are friendly, polite and gentle people

New Zealand

A lot of people cruising the Coconut Milk Run will dip down to New Zealand as a stop, only to discover a hidden gem. The region offers some of the best cruising opportunities, and the Kiwi’s are a friendly, boat-loving people. People with their own boats are always welcome, and facilities are top notch. Sailing the 15,000-mile shoreline around the country is a great way to experience some of the most gorgeous landscapes you will ever see

The French Riviera

The Riviera is surely one of the most romantic places to sail, and the Mediterranean coastline and the south of France is a sailing hotspot not to be missed. Untouched islands, rocky inlets and virgin beaches with fine sand sit side by side with famous ports of call like St. Tropez, Cannes and Nice

Venture capitalist Tom Perkins and heiress Paris Hilton are often spotted in the region. Lord Laidlaw’s yacht, Lady Christine, is often spotted in these waters. The Scottish businessman and former member of the House of Lords is an avid sailor. A sailing and racing enthusiast, he has won the Key West Regatta twice


The waters at the Great Barrier Reef offer some amazing opportunities for sailing, snorkelling and diving. The water is teeming with multi hued-life, so bringing along a camera is a must. Sydney is one of the most boat friendly destinations, with free docking in the harbour. The city offers great food and nightlife. The southern summer months are the best time to explore this gem

Thanks to charter services, sailing is now a much more accessible hobby. The joy of feeling the wind in your face and the satisfaction of having conquered the waters is something only an avid sailor will understand.

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