Banking Tips If You’re Planning to Travel Overseas

Do you have plans to travel abroad sometime soon? Have you sorted your bank accounts yet? No? It’s important to sort them as soon as you can with as much time before you leave as possible. Don’t leave it to last minute. In the following post we have put together a list of great banking tips that will help you whether you are travelling only for a short trip or around the world.

Take Out Back Up Accounts with Cards

What would you do if you are overseas, hundreds of miles away from home and your card goes missing or gets stolen or worse still, your account is hacked? At home, you’d simply cancel the card and have another sent out. You can’t really do that when you are overseas because it would take long to get the card and would cost you a lot in shipping fees. It’s much better to take out more than one account and strictly use one for most of your expenses while travelling and keep one or two others as backup.

There are various banks in Austin Tx that offer the kind of accounts that would fulfil this need.

Add a Trusted Friend or Relative in the US to Your Account

When you have problems with your bank account while you are overseas – if a card is cloned or your account is hacked for instance, it can be hard to liaise with your bank back home to solve the problems. That’s why you should consider adding someone, whether it’s a relative or trusted friend, to the account means there is someone you can discuss things with, and they have authority to make decisions and deal with problems as and when they arise.

Avoid Having High Balances

While you may want to have access to a lot of money to help you when you are stuck abroad, even just knowing it’s there can take a lot of worry and stress out of your travelling. However, you will want to avoid having high balances. The theory is that if your card is cloned or stolen, they only have access to a relatively low amount, rather than your life savings. You could also spread your travel funds between several different accounts too.

Equip Your Wallet or Bag With RFID Blocking Technology

Criminals keep evolving and updating their methods for getting a hold of your sensitive information, bank details and money. One of the ways they do this without even pinching your wallet, purse or bag is by using scanners. You can stop them from successfully scanning and being able to clone your information though, by using RFID technology. There are various wallets that come fitted with RFID blocking material or you can simply buy the material to line your bag or wallet with, as an alternative.

The possible problems that could arise with travelling and your bank accounts are no reason to go abroad. You just need to be vigilant about doing all you can to avoid those problems.

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