Architecture to Music, Creativity Comes Out in Myriad Moulds in Europe



Austria, the country where Mozart entered into the terrestrial abode to create his heavenly music is bound to be the place where creativity flourishes. One of the creative hubs of Europe, the architectural works representing different eras and style are there and you must carve out ample time from your Europe holiday package to explore the true beauty of the country. Its capital Vienna is one of the places where you can find buildings in different style and even a single building with the influence of different eras on it. Vienna Hofburg, the imperial palace of Austria is the place where Gothic art as well as Classicism and Renaissance find their manifestations. Its squares and gardens would take you to the tour of such opulence and beauty that you would cherish those memories for life. Its Imperial Silver Collection is also something you should find time to explore on your Europe tour. Spanish Riding School is another monument of Vienna that would take you back to the sixteenth century when classical style of horse riding was practiced. You should allocate some time in your Europe package to relive those historical moments.

Salzburg is another place in Austria that the creative side of yours would love to explore. It’s the birthplace of music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a museum is created at the birthplace of the virtuoso. Once Mozart’s home is now full of his mementoes, portraits and instruments and when you enter into those rooms, you would also feel the aura of the genius. There is Mozart’s Square as well in Salzburg and you can see large monuments for the most famed son of the city. The famous monastic site of Melk Abbey is something that deserve inclusion in your Europe package as it would show you how human ingenuity when works in tandem with nature creates masterpieces. Overlooking the Danube, it presents such majestic vista that you would tend to admire the aesthetic sense of the creators and you may spend more time there than intended.

Different aspects of your personality must come into contact with the respective geniuses to explore your full potential. Europe and Austria in particular will provide you that avenue to expose yourself. Embark on your creative journey now and sooth your soul. As for your tour planning, SOTC is there with you.

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