Affordable, Comfortable Travel to Paris?

Is it possible to travel from London to Paris in a way that is both affordable and comfortable, or do you always have to choose between one or the other?Let’s see:

To get from London to Paris, you could…


You could choose a budget airline for a ‘no frills’ experience.Minimal leg room, no refreshments, basically a flying basic bus. That might be tolerable if you were getting a real bargain, but these are harder to find than you might think.Yes, your ticket might cost only a few pounds, but when you check out the small print you may find your journey to be not quite so ‘budget’ if you are travelling during peak times, or when you have factored in costs like taxes, transfers and luggage fees.

Alternatively you could pay a couple of hundred pounds plus those same taxes, transfers and luggage costs, but have something to eat on board.

Conclusion: comfortable enough if you are prepared to pay a lot.

Travel by Rail.

Trains are comfortable enough and mostly convenient.But the cost varies dramatically and it is very difficult to get a bargain.Prices fluctuate depending on any number of factors, including date of travel, date of booking, time of departure and the age of passengers.

Conclusion: be prepared to pay handsomely for the convenience offered by rail journeys.

Travel by Coach.

Coach journeys take longer than either of the above two options, so comfort is key.

There are several bus companies offering services between London and Paris but there are many factors to take into consideration when booking.These include:

  • When do the buses arrive/depart – can you get to the station in time to embark, and will you be able to get to and check into your hotel soon after you arrive?
  • Where do the buses arrive/depart – are they central, and can you get to and from the bus stations quickly and easily?
  • What facilities are at the bus station and on board?
  • What level of customer service is available before, during and after your journey?

These are all important things to think about because some bus companies offer prices that are too good to be true.You can pay very little for your bus ticket but then have to endure a very uncomfortable nine-hour journey that may leave you wishing you had spent a little more.

The ideal, of course, is to find a coach company that offers comfortable coaches with ample leg- and elbow-room, free Wi-Fi and plug socket for an affordable price.Taking the iDBUS London to Paris can cost just the Mini Price of £33 this Christmas period – no hidden extras.

iDBUS offers their lowest price on at least one of their journeys each day, so it is easy to find either the cheapest time to travel, or the most convenient time to travel for the best price.The iDBUS bus station stops are central to the city of departure or arrival, so the iDBUS from London to Paris starts at London Victoria coach station and arrives at Paris Bercy.

Conclusion: taking the iDBUS London to Paris offers very affordable comfort!


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