A Travel Guide for New York City on a Budget

New York is an expensive city but if your dream holiday is a visit to New York and you’re on a budget you don’t really have to give up to your dream. The first thing to have in mind when planning a budget trip to New York City is saving on transport and accommodation. Booking the flight in advance might save a lot of money. When it comes to accommodations, a serviced apartment in New York can be a lot cheaper that staying in a hotel, so consider it as an alternative solution.

Once arrived in the city you’ll have plenty of ways to save money while enjoying anyway great sights and delicious meals. From my travels to New York I chose some of my favourite budget things to do in the Big Apple which will make your budget travel pleasant and fun.

1. Buy a Time Out copy

The first thing to do once you’ve left your luggage in the serviced apartment in New York is buying a copy of the Time Out, a weekly magazine of the best events for the next seven days. You’ll find out which are all the free events of the next week, including art shows and concerts, but also the best shops where to find original souvenirs.

2. Take a trip to the Staten Island

A must for every traveller on a budget as the ride is free, this trip on a ferry is a great way to enjoy one of the best views of the skyline of Manhattan and a splendid view of the Statue of Liberty. The ferry is a daily connection between the Whitehall Terminal in Manhattan and Staten Island quarter.

3. Create your personal New York City tour to the famous cinema locations

New York is an outdoor cinema studio and many movies were filmed here – you only have to choose your favourite and visit the same places you’ve seen in the film. There are many websites which indicate the various spots on the map.

4. Visit the markets of New York

When visiting this city on a budget a great way to live a fabulous adventure and eat spending little money is taking a tour in the city’s markets. The most famous is Chelsea Market, a covered market with many choices when it comes to food, from pizza to Indian curry, Chinese dishes or sushi. Another interesting market is the Union Square Greenmarket famous for its fresh vegetables and also a perfect place where to taste some freshly cooked bio goodies. If instead you like the streetfood (as I do), Smorgasburg Market is the right place for you.

5. Buy a “Combo” ticket

If you love strolling around the museums of a city but you’re on a budget, consider purchasing a Combo ticket which allows the entrance to various attractions at better prices. A ticket, for example, allows the climb on top of Rockefeller Centre and to enter MOMA museum. However, there are many other options.

As you can see, using sometricks and staying in a serviced apartment in New York is possible having a great vacation without breaking the bank account. Now you only have to plan and enjoy your trip!


About the Author

I am Pradeep, an avid traveller and blogger. Exploring new places and sharing my experiences with people is my passion. I am currently working as a blogger for Ratedapartments – serviced apartments providers specifically dealing in major cities of the world such as London, Paris, New York, New Delhi and Singapore.

In this blog, I have mentioned how to explore the New York City on a budget.

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