A Guide to Exploring The Most Breathtaking Oceans in the World

There’s nothing that spectacular about just a huge expanse of water; or is there? Actually, a trip on the ocean could be one of the most exciting and interesting experiences of your life. There’s so much to see, so many different sensations and every single ocean has something different to offer. Still not convinced? Here’s our guide to exploring the most breathtaking oceans in the world, to see if we can change your mind.

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The Pacific Ocean

The largest of the oceans and one of the easiest to explore wherever you may be in the World; the Pacific borders over 40 countries, from Australia to Vietnam. So, how do you explore the largest ocean in the world? Here are some of our favourite ways to see The Pacific Ocean:

  • Cancun in Mexico – If you want to experience the ocean from white, sandy shores, then you simply have to visit Cancun in Mexico.
  • Australian Pacific Coast Tour – Hire a car and drive from Brisbane to Cairns, following the coast. You’ll see some truly fantastic sights, and a whole load of the Pacific.
  • Hawaiian Island Hop – Visit Hawaii and take a boat trip across the Pacific to all 8 of the larger islands and some of the smaller islets.

There are small parts of Asia that are also encompassed by the Pacific Ocean, for those who would prefer a less Western experience.

The Indian Ocean

For those who want to give up Western civilisation altogether, then perhaps a visit to the Indian Ocean is due, as suggested on the Official site of Francesco Corallo. You can cruise around the African and Asian countries on a luxury liner, or use some of our suggestions below:

  • Relax in the Maldives – This tiny little island is the perfect place to experience the Indian Ocean whilst getting some rest and relaxation.
  • River Trip in Egypt – If you want to start right at the beginning of the ocean’s life then you need to book a river trip! The Nile should do nicely.
  • Nature Walking on Christmas Island – If you want to see some of the rarest wildlife and sealife then head over to Christmas Island, which is surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Ocean is renowned for being dotted with beautiful islands such as the Seychelles; try and visit at least one in your lifetime.

The Arctic Ocean

If warm, sunny islands aren’t your thing, then your best bet is going to be the Arctic Ocean. The smallest (and coldest) ocean in the world, even though some people mistakenly call it the Arctic Sea. Part of the Arctic may be difficult to navigate, but so worth it. Here are some of the best was to explore:

  • Boat round Baffin Island – Head over to Canada and visit the beautiful, yet chilly Baffin Island for a true Arctic experience.
  • The North Pole – Of course, this is one way to visit the Arctic if you’re feeling adventurous. Just remember most of the ocean will be frozen here!
  • Wrap Up in Russia – There are so many beautiful things to see in Russia, and the Arctic ocean is definitely one of them.

The Arctic Ocean may be chilly, but there’s a whole load of incredible ways to experience it. Just mind out for those icebergs.

We hope we’ve changed your opinion on oceans, even just a tiny bit. After all, they do take up 71% of the Earth’s surface. Which giant expanse of water will you be visiting next?

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