9 Weird Foods

After being to the Americas and Asia I have gotten to get my grubby hands on some of the weirdest foods in the world. Some of them are just delicious while a few others were not the best! Here is a list of the most unique ones I have tried.

Taco De Ojo

Taco de Ojo. Photo Popsugar.com

In Mexico they have a lot of tacos from different parts like the head, tongue, intestines and of course eyeballs. It always was a mystery what animal these tacos are coming from but to stay on the safe side don’t order anything under 6 pesos, you may be eating stray dog. The eyeball taco was my favorite, it was crunchy and chewy at the same time, every once in a while I’d get a partially whole eyeball filled with gooey eyeball fluids. Try to avoid thinking about the eyeball while eating it, people tend to get sicker.



Another Mexican delight, Chapulines are mostly found in Oaxaca where they fry up little grasshoppers to a crisp. There are different flavors like lime, spicy, mixed and natural. The mixed was the best, crunchy little grasshoppers that were spicy as can be. They make a great crunchy addition to guacamole if you can handle little legs poking out everywhere.



A little Vietnamese treat that puts anger and fear into the hearts of foreigners. It was the first thing I tried when I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City to see what the fuss was about. To be honest, it was not that enjoyable, it was chewier than Chewbacca and over spiced. Apparently I tried the wrong dish, the dog sausage is supposed to be really good and melt in your mouth.


Scorpion. Credit Einat Edri

There is a street in Beijing dedicated to tourists that is filled with a lot of different taboo things. Some of which are little creatures you normally would not eat. I tried the big and little scorpions, they are extremely crunchy and hard to bite through. The scorpions tasted exactly the same as a potato chip because they are deep fried which was boring. Let us get a little grilling with salt and pepper going please.


Insects. Credit Einat Edri.

In Thailand they occasionally had some worm vendors with a myriad of different types creepy crawlers. Short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, long ones whatever your style, I am sure they had it. I tried a fat stubby worm that had a nice creamy inside. Again it was deep fried so it just tasted like a potato chip.

Nam Tam

I am not quite sure about the name but my Thai friends introduced me to this drink. They told me it was some kind of leaf from a plant that they boil in water. After cooking, they cool the leaves on ice and strain the leaves. Then they add Coca Cola and codeine cough syrup. It was strong and gets you pretty stoned, I found out later that the leaves are actually coke leaves.


In Florida rattlesnakes are pretty abundant which makes it easy to pick up some fresh meat or an on the go snack of snake-in-a-can. I don’t recommend the canned snake though, it was pretty expensive and most of it was bones. Check the local meet vendors for the fresh meat. As for the taste, well like everything else in the world it tastes like chicken.

Fish “something” soup

Fish soup.

Straight from the Sicilian sea this was one of the weirdest looking foods I have ever tried, I am not really accustomed to eating the organs of fish so it was a first for me. This soup consists of some intestines, gills and a bunch of other jargon that I have never sin my life. It cost a solid 2 euros and I have to say that the gills were incredible, they had the texture of sandpaper but tasted like delicious fish. The other organs tended to be a bit rough and chewy. I would get a bowl of just the gills minus the other organs. My teeth hurt a bit after!

Betel Leaf or “Paan”


This is a little treat you can find everywhere in India and any place where a lot of Indians or Bangladeshi Live. It is a sacred leaf to them that is used a lot with worship to Shiva. People pack the leaves with different spices, jams and sometimes even tobacco! The one with tobacco has quiet the kick and there is something in the leaf that leaves you feeling a little high. The flavor is like a really intense mint leaf that numbs your mouth. By the way it helps with digestion so if you are having trouble with the food in India make sure to eat the Betel!

There are many more foods around the world that are stranger and I will not stop until I get my hands on every last one of them minus monkey brains and human! Half the fun of traveling is trying unique things that you cannot find at home. Take a step on the wild side and see if you can handle any of these strange foods!

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