8 Unmissable Caribbean Destinations to Visit in 2014

It has been a lifelong dream of mine, to sail my yacht across the Atlantic ocean one glorious summer and visit the Caribbean islands. Ever since I heard the tales of Blackbeard the pirate as a child, my imagination was stirred. Television travel shows tantalize us with crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches that are the best in the world. However, as my Granny used to say, “put that hammer down” and “those nice places pay a price for the good weather”. She was, of course, referring to the battering those places occasionally suffer, from hurricanes.

Both the palm trees and the people have learned to cope with weather extremes that would bring our country to a standstill.

I fear that I don’t have the nerve to take my yacht over the ocean, it will have to remain moored at Monaco for another year. I am going to join the many other happy travellers who have chosen to take a cruise on a state-of-the-art liner. Incredible cruise deals can be found at Cruise 1st and many other online agents.

Here are a few places that are worth a visit while you are over there.


If you are a lover of golf, sand, and sea, this is the place to go. Barbados has everything you would expect from an island paradise, and more.


The bahamas are another idyllic setting. Take care during the main holiday season as they do get extremely busy. Fantastic deals can be sourced on flights to the bahamas.

St Lucia

A place where many people choose to get married, St lucia is blessed with perfect beaches and mountains rising from the sea creating the most wonderful scenery imaginable.


I have sung the song and read about the triangle; now I want to visit this stunning island. The hotels are on the expensive side but the quality and service is second to none.

St Martin

Whatever your budget, St martin is bound to have a hotel to suit. Not that the island is cheap, it has all of the fantastic benefits as the others.


Head off on the Emerald Pool Nature trail or view the beautiful Trafalgar Falls before approaching the Boiling Lake. The lake boils from the heat caused by geological processes.


No, she went on her own accord. You have all heard the joke. If you are looking for a way to indulge in the Caribbean culture and party; Jamaica is the island to visit. There is also great hiking in the blue mountains or maybe you would prefer a trip on a jet ski. If it is only the sun that you seek, the all inclusive resorts in Jamaica will mean the only thing you need to leave the grounds for, is the beach.

St Barts

If you are going to visit St Barts, prepare yourself and your wallet. It is a place where the rich and famous go to relax in style. The island is hilly and has a few out of the way beaches which is why celebrities flock there.

Any of the above destinations will give you the vacation of your dreams. Which one to choose? Well you will have to point the pin and make up your own mind i’m afraid. Perhaps we will meet over there. I will be the one with the biggest grin.





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