6 Signs You’ve Survived A Trip To Greece

Greece is a beautiful place that we’ve all been taught about in school. However, actually going there and surviving its beauty is another experience altogether! While there is much to learn about its history when visiting landmarks, there are plenty of other fun things to do such as water parks, beaches, museums and native cuisine.

1. Your breath was taken away by the Parthenon


(Reference: http://www.greek-islands.us)

This beautiful and historic Greek building is under restoration, however, it can still be seen. In the Aegean Islands, this building was created by the Hellenic people in 900 B.C. It is one of the most famous temples in its region and a lot of the ruins are still intact. To ones who don’t know its history, they might think of it as a random structure crumbling. But to tourists and historians, it is rich in information of the past and is a famous Greek landmark. Your local museum’s exhibit of ancient Greece could never compare to seeing the real thing.

2. You’ve smelled the Balos Breeze

The Balos Beach is one of Greece’s most stunning. Located on the Island of Crete, it’s on the northwest section of the Gramvousa peninsula. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a car on an extremely bumpy road, or you can walk an hour or so. But the best way is to take a boat by Kissamos. If you’ve already been to this beach and are back in your homestead, you’ve survived Greece and their transportation modes to the Balos Beach. Balos is a serene and beautiful area that will leave you so calm, you won’t want to leave!

3. Restaurants at home can’t compare to Arcadia

This delicious restaurant is located in Athens, Greece in the Makrigiani neighborhood, is right across from the Acropolis Museum. Looking at fine art and having dinner is the definition of a luxurious vacation. At the Arcadia Restaurant, they serve traditional Greek meals and delicacies like goat, kleftiko lamb, veal patties, grilled lamb ribs and much more. If you’ve eaten here, you won’t want to become accustomed to food from home ever again. But of course, they offer traditional dishes like spaghetti, different pastas, pork, chicken and more. The contemporary décor of the restaurant is classy, inviting and warm.

4. You had way too much fun at the Limnoupolis Waterpark

There are plenty of waterparks everywhere in the world, but when you are on vacation to a new city, water parks seem so much more fun. At the Limnoupolis waterpark, you can race your friends on slides, sit in a four seat float and rush down the water or just relax in the tropical environment they’ve created. They offer:  a freefall water slide, multi-slide, triple twist, crazy river and the lazy river! There’s something for everyone at Limnoupolis.

5. You’ve hiked the Cyclades Islands

Located in the southern region of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades has over 2200 islands but only 33 are currently in use by residents. One of the most famous islands is the Andros. This sounds like a scary set of islands to hike, but the beauty you’ll see along the way is almost better than the destination. While hiking may seem tedious, the sights you’re granted on the way are priceless. If you’ve been to Greece, you know how breathtaking the imagery is. There is a different atmosphere and environment to the Cyclades Islands but it is oh-so-enjoyable.

On the Andros Island, there is a lot more water than the other Cycladic islands. This is because of the rainfall and the elevation. There are a ton of beautiful watermills in the valleys. Also, Andros has archaeological sites on this island that you can explore by the Museum of Chora. The architecture is another reason why this beautiful island is famous!  This is just one of the many hiking adventures the islands have to offer.

6. Myrtos Beach made you calmer than you’ve ever been before


(Reference: http://touropia.com)

The crystal clear blue waters and white sandy beach of Myrtos is famously known for its beauty. While it’s beautiful, it’s also very calming. There aren’t many party go-ers on this beach and there are plenty of nooks within the shore that you can relax peacefully in. The tropical breeze is the tip on the iceberg as it gives you a fresh smell of the water while cooling you off a bit.


Not only can you relax on the beach, but you can also swim pretty far out as it’s a tad shallow for an extended length. Your backdrop is a beautiful view of the mountain and cliffs behind. It is truly a magical gem in Greece.  Sit back, relax, watch a movie or two, or enjoy some music. As long as you have a VPN, your relaxation possibilities are limitless on the beaches of Greece.





There are many beautiful places to go in Greece, but these are some of the best. Surviving Greece is easy if you love adventure, meeting new people, seeing beautiful sites and just relaxing.  There’s never a dull moment in Greece when you know the right places to go!





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