5 Tips to Help You Travel Lighter




Working for long hours may make us feel uninspired and unmotivated because we do not get to have enough rest. With such a busy schedule, how many days in a year do you give yourself time to relax?

Working more than the number of hours necessary may translate to additional amount in our paychecks, but we also need to take a break. The best way to get re-energized is by going on a holiday. You may want to relax by the beach or visit new places and explore their culture.

One of the most common questions related to travel is this: What is the best way to enjoy a holiday or break? Other than anticipating the best places to visit or eating unique kinds of food, here’s one answer that might surprise you: Travel light.

You’ve probably seen some people carry about five pieces of luggage even if they’re on holiday for just a couple of weeks. Take note that you should not burden yourself with so many things to carry while traveling. A good traveler is one who carries light and enjoys each and every moment.

Here are a few tips on how you can create that perfect holiday by traveling light:

  1. Use a bag that is space-efficient

To travel light, use a bag that will accommodate everything that you need. A travel backpack that fits inside the aircraft’s overhead bin should be the best choice.

Carrying a single bag takes off the trouble of having to worry how much burden to carry. It ensures that you have all your belongings with you no matter where you go. It also saves you from paying porter fees to help you carry your luggage.


Of course, this tip wouldn’t be applicable if you’re planning a long break where you’ll spend weeks away from your home.

  1. Purchase bags in groups

For those who are traveling with family, choose affordable and lightweight luggage sets instead of buying individual bags. This allows you to quickly identify your belongings during airport layovers and gate transfers. On top of this, you can save a lot from buying luggage sets than purchasing them individually.

  1. Plan your holiday to the littlest details

For the light traveler, you must have a plan on how you are spending your holiday. Are you going to the beach, visiting museums and art galleries, or checking out the different tourist spots? Each destination has its own requirements, which you need to prepare ahead of time.

In addition, make sure that the clothes that you bring are appropriate to the activities you have in mind, as well as the temperature and climate of your destination.

  1. Bring the bare necessities

Make sure that you have packed basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, sunblock lotion, razor and first aid kit. However, if you are certain that your destination has these items available, then you may take them off your list.

Don’t bring the whole bottle of shampoo with you, unless you plan to stay for over a month. Just bring enough that you can use during your destination holiday.

If you had to choose only one from the list above, then the first aid kit should be your primary option. This kind of mindset in terms of packing allows you to explore the place without lugging heavy bags.

  1. Pack and organize your things properly

Whether you are packing for week-long break or something longer, zipping your things up in airless baggies or clothing compressors will make your things more organized.

Traveling light lets you completely enjoy your break without worrying too much about the things that you’re bringing. Enjoy a stress-free and worry-free holiday by bringing less.

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