5 Things to Do in Minnesota on Vacation



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While visiting Minnesota on vacation, there is plenty to do. It’s part of the Great Lakes, so water is a major theme that’s noticeable when spending any amount of time there. If you love getting out on the water in any capacity, then Minnesota is bound to be a fun destination for you. However, there’s also many museums, modern restaurants, walking trails to get some exercise, and other activities to enjoy.


Here are five things to do while staying in Minnesota.

Pleasant Lodging for the Ultimate in Relaxation

Finding a convenient rental home, condo, or cabin to call home during your stay in Minnesota will make the trip so much more relaxing. Not having to conform to a laundry list of do’s and don’ts from a national hotel chain or deal with their uninteresting décor is a pleasant change for most travelers. Have a look at Minnestay to locate something suitable for you that will enhance your stay.

Traveling solo, as a couple or with a family traveling together, there are many types of accommodation that are near enough to interesting sights while staying away from noise and distractions. This way you can still get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed for the next day’s adventures in friendly Minnesota.

Parks and Off-Road Trails

For lovers of the outdoors, there are numerous off-road trails to try out if you’re planning to bring your mountain bike with you. Walking on foot is enjoyable too with the beautiful scenery that abounds in the area. If you have kids, there are many local parks to play games with them and give them some space to burn off excess energy.

Learn More About Sea Creatures

SEALife Minnesota which includes an underwater tunnel to observe water life all around as it swims past is a great afternoon for adults or kids. There are more than 10,000 sea creatures within SEALife, so there’s plenty to keep everyone occupied. The special tour costs extra but is worth the price of admission to see the best that’s on offer. Expect to spend at least 2-3 hours walking around to see everything.

If you’re more partial to visiting a zoo, then both the Minnesota Zoo and Sibley Park Zoo come widely recommended.

Lakes and Waterfalls

There are over 11,000 lakes in Minnesota and a few impressive waterfalls scattered about too. The North Shore features Gooseberry Falls which cascades down a gorge and is worth the time to visit. There are many lake destinations throughout Minnesota with various watersports available depending on the place. Activities like standup paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing remain popular as long as the water isn’t too cold! There are also many places to take a dip and then relax on shore in between shopping excursions. Bring a picnic to make an afternoon of it.

Theater District

The busy theater district is great for drama lovers. The notable Guthrie Theater that’s now situated in a state-of-the-art structure stands out from the crowd. There are restaurants to dine out before attending a performance to avoid getting too hungry. There’s also short-term classes for budding performers who wish to learn more while they’re staying in the area.

If theater is not your thing, then there are many museums featuring marine-themed pieces, Russian artwork, and some special art exhibitions. The Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Minnesota Marine Art Museum are two of the best museums in the state.

Minnesota is a friendly midwestern state that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. People who love either water or the outdoors are bound to find plenty to keep them happily occupied during their stay. It’s also a family-friendly vacation location with many families traveling to the state every year to enjoy what’s available.

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