5 Reasons Why California is Called the Golden State

Every state in the United States has a nickname, and sometimes it’s obvious why these nicknames exist, while other times it can be difficult to figure out why. For example, it’s pretty obvious why Florida is considered the Sunshine State, being that it experiences summer and springtime weather all year long and it’s the destination for winter travellers who want to stay in the country and head to the beach.

But why is California nicknamed the Golden State? Continue reading for five reasons. Then check out these travel tips if you’re planning on heading out there to see the state and all that it has to offer.

One of the State’s Official Colours

Gold is actually one of the state of California’s official colours. Designated in 1951, the two state colours are gold and blue. Blue is representative of the sky and the sea, of which there is plenty in California, thanks to its expansive coastline and beautiful beaches, as well as its high mountains and open deserts.

The Gold Rush

Another reason that California’s colours include gold is that it is representative of the mineral gold, which was mined extensively in the state in the past. And gold is also the state’s official mineral. After gold was discovered in the state in 1848, the area saw fast growth, with people rushing out to try to find some gold for themselves and make their fortunes.

Golden Poppies

Another reason why California is considered the Golden State is because of its golden poppies, which bloom beautifully each spring in wild fields all over the state. This flower became the state’s official flower back in 1903, and it is also referred to as the flame flower, copa de oro (which translates to “cup of gold”), and la amapola. Plus, April 6 is celebrated as California Poppy Day, with May 13-18 celebrated as Poppy Week.

Sunsets Over the Pacific

The beautiful, breathtaking sunsets that happen every day over the Pacific are also golden in colour. Many people spend some time on the beaches throughout the state to take a few minutes and unwind as they enjoy the natural wonder that is a sunset over the ocean. If you are ever able to head out to California and experience this for yourself, be sure to wear a good pair of sunglasses, such as one of the 5 most popular sunglasses brands, that will protect your eyes from the UV radiation of the sun. Ray-Ban sunglasses are recommended, as an example, but there are many other choices to suit your preferences and style.

The Golden Gate Bridge

And, finally, the Golden Gate Bridge is the fifth reason why California is referred to as the Golden State. This famous landmark is easily recognised in popular TV shows and movies that are set in San Francisco. Built in the 1930s, it’s a large red bridge that runs across the Golden Gate strait, and it’s one of the most sought-after travel destinations for people who visit California and wish to see its many landmarks.

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