5 Essentials to Pack During an Evacuation



Packing for an evacuation can be surprisingly difficult. Evacuating isn’t part of the weather curriculum many people learn in school, and it can be tough to decide which items are important enough to bring. But speed is of the essence in many evacuations, so it’s important to be able to grab a few important things and get out fast. Here are five essentials everyone should pack if they have to evacuate.

  1. Copies of Important Documents

It’s all too easy to leave behind important documents – like passports, social security cards, or house deeds – in the panic of evacuation. These documents might not be immediately necessary, but if they are damaged or destroyed by water or fire, replacing them will be a headache later on. Preparation is key here: it’s a good idea to make copies of all important documents and keep them in a waterproof container for emergency situations.

  1. Medications

Medications are more difficult to replace than food and water. Bring at least a three-day supply of all important meds when evacuating. Don’t forget about pet medications, too.

  1. Cash

During and after a severe weather event, it can be difficult to find a working ATM. Keep enough cash on hand to last for several days during an evacuation.

  1. Irreplaceable Items

Insurance can’t replace Grandma’s wedding photos. If there’s time during an evacuation, it’s a good idea to pack any small items that have particular sentimental value.

  1. Electronics and Chargers

Staying in touch with others is particularly important during a severe weather event. Every emergency kit should include a phone or laptop, as well as a charging cord.


The weather can change in the blink of an eye, and everyone should be prepared for sudden evacuation orders. Get in touch now to learn more about weather stations, lightning trackers, and other technological solutions that can help predict dangerous weather situations ahead of time.

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