5 Awesome Things You Should Not Miss in South Africa



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Hike in the dragon mountains, see South Africa’s highest peaks, waterfalls, rock art and awesome landscape. Experience the wildlife, history, food and wine as well as many other adventures. There’s so much to see and do in this country but where do you start? Depending on how long you have and what type of holiday you want there are different options you can choose from. Here are five awesome things to add to your list to do in South Africa.

Visit Table Mountain

An iconic landmark in Cape Town and South Africa as a whole. Sitting above Cape town, the mountain is often topped by a sheet of cloud. Table Mountain is something you cannot miss when you visit south Africa and to truly enjoy the place you should make your way to the top. There are many different hiking routes in the area, you can take an off-road scooter tour, or the easiest option is to take the aerial car. However you choose to explore, you are sure to enjoy fantastic views of the incredible landscapes and city below.  You can get some great cheap flights to Cape Town and it is an excellent place to start your South African adventure.

Explore Kruger National Park

Kruger National park is one of the largest game reserves in the country and is so densely populated you are sure to see plenty of wildlife during your visit. It is one of the reserves that is home to the big five, which are lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos. There are also lots of other wildlife you can see here too.  It is a good idea to book a tour which covers a few days staying in and around the park to enjoy the amazing sights it has to offer its visitors.  A safari adventure is definitely a tick off the bucket list when visiting South Africa.

Understand history at Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill is a national heritage site found in Johannesburg. It is home to the Constitutional Court of South Africa which is the highest court in the country. But the historical significance of this place is that Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi amongst others were detained here. It is now a place for togetherness and democracy. You can tour the buildings by a guided tour and visit the many museums that are housed here. It is an excellent place to visit to learn more about South Africa’s history and what the country is all about today.

Take a South African Wine Tour

The well-known wine regions of Paarl, Franschoek, and Stellenbosch produce some of the best wines in this part of the world. The landscapes surrounding the area includes lush mountain side and miles of vineyards. You can make your own way through the winery’s or you can take a full days organised tour from Cape Town. In the region you can sample a wide variety of red and white wines, and also port, brandy and sparkling wine. You can also sample some of the delicious cuisine at one of the local restaurants for lunch. Things you should try are the regional specialties of both cheese and chocolate.

Hike the Dragon Mountains

The Drakensberg Mountains, also known as the Dragon Mountain, stretch over 1000km and contain some of the highest peaks in South Africa. Take a scenic drive or hike and enjoy the many wonders this range has to offer. Find beautiful waterfalls and rivers winding through the forest and mountain peaks.  There are thousands of examples of San rock art at six hundred sites within this area, so if you want a mix of history and nature this is the place to visit. Many tourists head to the more accessible Champagne Valley, however if you want to be in the middle of nowhere take a guide to Injisuthi.

What will you do in South Africa?

This is just a taste of the amazing adventures you can have in South Africa. Whether you want to see the native wildlife, indulge in some luxury or learn about the country’s history, there’s plenty of choices to go around. This mean you can have an amazing adventure and you certainly won’t be bored. Which will you add to your list for your next South African trip?

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