5 Adventurous And Exciting Things To Do While On Tenerife

If you are planning a summer holiday on one of the Spanish Canary Islands, there are many great reasons why you should choose on Tenerife.  It’s not just about drinking Sangria and lying in the sun as there are so many other things to do, particularly if you like a bit of adventure.  On Tenerife you can have the best of both worlds – relaxation on some days and interesting experiences on others.  In the following article we will look at 5 things you can do while you are staying on Tenerife.

Horse Back Riding

What could be better than lapping up the beautifully warm sun while trekking around on the back of a horse?  It’s one of the best ways to experience nature in Tenerife and it doesn’t matter whether you have no experience or lots, there are rides and horses to suit all kinds of people.

Hike To The Top Of A Volcano

Technically speaking, Tenerife is actually one big volcano and the 3rd biggest volcanic ocean island on the planet.  However, one activity that is very popular with visitors to the island is hiking to the top of Mount Teide, the highest point of Tenerife.  You are rewarded for your efforts with amazing views of other nearby islands, the sea, coast, countryside and the UNESCO classified wildlife park.

There are actually two different ways you can reach the summit – by cable car if you are not so good on your feet, or by hiking.


Although Tenerife is not as famous for diving as other places, it is still a very good place for diving experiences.  In the water surrounding the island there are a wide variety of fish, green turtles, corals and old shipwrecks.

Black Beaches

Golden, sandy beaches are what most people look for when they book a holiday in the sun.  Which is why the black beaches on Tenerife are even more enticing, because if you are looking for something different to the norm then this is it.

There are a total of 3 black beaches on the island – Los Patos, Pozo and Playa Bollullo.  These tend to be the places that locals go to for a day on the beach, but many visitors overlook them.

Explore The Island’s Small Villages

The more tourist-centred towns of Tenerife are all very good and nice, but if you really want to make the most of your trip and learn more about the island’s culture, you need to take the time to visit the more rural areas.  The best thing to do is to hire a motorbike, car or moped and explore the small villages dotted around Tenerife.

El Tanque is particular is well worth visiting.  It is located on the North West, green and picturesque side of Tenerife in amongst the mountains about La Culata.  By visiting this small village and others like it, you will get a better idea of what life is really like on the island.   If this article has whet your appetite for a trip to Tenerife, follow the link for more information on booking that holiday in the sun – http://book.flythomascook.com/cheap-flights/to-Tenerife-Canary-Islands/

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