4 Great Reasons Why You Should Go on Safari in Tanzania

One of the many things that always seems to crop up on people’s bucket lists is taking an African safari trip. However, with so many different destinations to choose from, it can be hard to single out one location to visit. In the following article we’re going to show you why we think you should put Tanzania at the top of your list.

Large Game Parks and Preserves

Probably one of the things you think of when you imagine African safaris is looking out of a 4×4 vehicle or some other kind of car to see endless plains. Tanzania is the ideal place to visit to make those dreams a reality. It has one of the biggest ranges of national parks and game preserves in all continental Africa. With more places to visit and explore, you will have a more in-depth and enjoyable safari experience. Each of the preserves and parks have their own selling points, so it may even be an idea to visit more than one while you are out there. After all, safari is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences for many people.

Lions, Lions and more Lions

If we had to guess one of the animals you were looking forward to seeing more than any others, we would say it was lions. And if that is the case, Tanzania is the one place you really need to consider. Tanzania has one of the highest lion populations in the whole of the continent. Whereas in other African countries, you may only have the chance to see a handful of lions throughout the whole of your trip, this is not really something you will ever have to be concerned about when taking a safari in Tanzania. It is thought, according to recent figures, that there is in excess of 16,800 lions in Tanzania.

More Than Just Lions Are There to Be Seen

It’s not just lions you can see in their droves in Tanzania. It’s a fact that Tanzania has the biggest concentration per square km of animals in the world. So, if your dream safari consists of seeing a plethora of different wild animals in their natural habitat without that claustrophobic feeling that’s often present when you’re on a tour group that is too big, Tanzania is a great choice.

The Great Migration

Of course, you can see animals grazing and prowling around the Serengeti. However, if you go on a Tanzanian safari, you have the chance to experience, up close and personal, the Great Wildebeest Migration. This natural phenomenon occurs each year from November to March and it is when more than one million wildebeest, as well as antelopes, zebras and lot of other herbivores travel through the Serengeti from one side to the other while on the look for water and food.

Ideally, you will want to visit around January to March time to really get the best experience. At that time, around 500,000 wildebeest are born.

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