4 Effective Strategies on How to Keep Your E-mail Campaign Alive After the Holidays

Do you run an e-commerce site and travel a lot? Stop what you’re doing right now and read on.

Are you ready to get back to work after the holiday break? If your answer is no, don’t worry because you are not alone. Here’s a good news for you. The new year means a fresh start for every body, but not necessarily for your e-mail campaign. That holiday e-mail campaign that you started in December can still bring in money to your business. How awesome is that?

The holidays are over. What happens now?

Goodbye, 2018. Hello, 2019. Now, the big question is… what should you do in order to keep your new leads and customers engaged? Whether or not they made a purchase, you wouldn’t want to bombard them with messages. What do you need to do if you want to convert those leads from your holiday e-mail campaign? Keep reading to know the answers.

Strategy #1: Target new leads

Here’s the first email campaign strategy that you may apply. Be sure that your new e-mail campaign will include and target your new leads. Keep in mind that you may need to make some adjustments to your upcoming campaign to include your new leads and make sure that they remain engaged.

The first quarter of the year may not be a hot time for consumer purchases, but don’t worry because there are some upcoming holidays that are popular with business-to-consumer audiences. Also, your current and potential B2B clients surely have a brand new budget for the year. This only means that there are quite a lot of opportunities for you to send various types of e-mails to those clients.

Strategy #2: Create a loyalty program

The second strategy is to add your customers to a loyalty program. Create a loyalty program and add those customers that made a purchase during your holiday e-mail campaign. First, you need to send a welcome e-mail that explains how they qualified for the program. Include information about the additional benefits that they will receive as long as they remain a member of the program. This welcome e-mail is crucial because it will help improve your engagement. Did you know that welcome e-mails have 50% open rates? In addition to that, they are 86% more effective than standard newsletters.

Strategy #3: Create blog contents and newsletters

Aside from adding your customers to promotional e-mail campaigns, nurture them with effective drip campaigns. Divide or group your customers by their interests and send educational blogs and newsletters that are relevant to them.

Strategy #4: Create re-engagement campaigns

Not everyone in your holiday e-mail campaign made a purchase. Some of them did not even open your e-mails. What should you do? Create a re-engagement campaign. Re-target your leads with an additional promotional campaign and they may end up making a purchase.

Take note that re-engagement campaigns are meant specifically for inactive customers. Never add inactive contacts into your new segments because it will drive down your open rates.

The main purpose of a re-engagement campaign is to encourage your contacts to confirm whether or not they still like to receive e-mails from you. In your e-mail, ask them to click on a button if they want to unsubscribe from e-mails or suggest to update their e-mail preferences. After all, those contacts might still want to receive your e-mails. It’s just that they were not interested with the ones you sent so far. Persuading your customers to come back by offering a discount code is also a great idea.


2018 is over but it doesn’t mean that you should put your holiday e-mail campaigns to bed. Use all the date you have collected during the holidays. Create new segments for both your customers and leads and re-target them with relevant information or products that might encourage them to make a purchase.

If many of your leads were not engaged during your holiday campaign, don’t give up on them! Run a re-engagement campaign to make sure that they still want to get e-mails from you. If they choose to stay, it’s time for you to add them to a new re-targeting campaign. On the other hand, if they choose to unsubscribe from your e-mails, that’s alright. Don’t be afraid to lose a lead. What is important is that you did your best to improve the quality of your overall customer and lead list.

Try out these strategies and make the most of your post-holiday e-mail marketing campaigns! If you are having a hard time creating messages that will catch the interest of your target audience, check out how Emma can help you.

Which of these post-holiday e-mail marketing strategies is your favorite? Maximize your profit by simply following and applying all these four strategies!

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