3 Ways to Make Studying in Madrid Easier

With Madrid being the capital city of Spain, it is full of culture, history and energy.  If students from the UK or other countries make the decision to head on over to Spain to study then this could initially seem to be a pretty big decision that will require a lot of planning.  Whilst this is true, there are numerous things you can do in order to make this transition less stressful and go smoothly.  Planning in advance is the key and here are some tips to help you.

Plan your Accommodation

When you go on the internet and look for places to stay in Madrid, there will be hundreds of different options.  Unless you know the city well, this could be quite a difficult choice to make and you may even choose to fly over to do this in person in the city.  

Thankfully, there are other options out there that can help to make it easier for you which include using a student accommodation company like Collegiate AC.  This provider offers a campus of exclusive student accommodation in Madrid with 215 different apartments.  The apartments have high-tech security to ensure your safety, which will give both you and your parents peace of mind when moving abroad. Due to them being luxury apartments, the prices may be slightly higher, however there are no added fees and included in the price is your stunning room, high speed internet access, an on-site cinema and games room and a private gym.  With everything you need on your doorstep, it will make your experience in this country a lot more comfortable.

Research the Culture

If you are going to another country to study, then it is really important that in advance you research their culture.  If you get this wrong then potentially could end up offending in the wrong circumstance.  This would include things such as the Spanish tradition of a “Siesta” in early afternoon or how some people may greet others by kissing on cheeks. In addition to this, it would be good if you could extend your Spanish vocabulary beyond “Hola”.  Making an effort in the country you are going to stay in to speak their language is pretty important to make progress.  Although the majority of people may speak or understand English, not everyone will.

Understand the Transport Network

Madrid has a very credible transport network that includes trams, buses, trains and a metro system.  Be sure to look at the different options of getting around the city that are the most efficient or cost effective.  For options like the metro they now have contactless barriers for you to swipe as you enter and leave the stations (pretty similar to London).  As the weather is pretty good in Madrid, you will find that cycling is also a common way to travel short distances.  There are bike stands dotted all around the city and you will see an overwhelming amount of bikes tied up near Universities, shopping malls and subway stations.

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