2018 Must Visit Destinations



Are you looking for your next trip around the world? It offers so many unique and exciting places for you to visit. There are some destinations which are popular for their landmarks, scenery and architecture, while others provide fun and entertainment with nightlife, shopping or gaming. Pack your bags and tie your seat belts. Let’s go on a tour of some of the must visit destinations in 2018!


Fan of picturesque views and photography? Let’s travel to Argentina to visit the Jujuy Province. It is home to the world heritage site, Quebrada de Humahuaca hills. These are so old that it is believed to be home to the prehistoric hunters and gatherers. Take a walk in the narrow valley with its colourful rock bands dating to several millennia. Discover the lifestyle and culture of the indigenous Quechuan villages and feel their unique atmosphere. Learn some of their dialects, just for fun!

In the mood to take some selfies? Simply stand near the Cerro de los Siete Colores, the Hill of Seven Colors. Discover the mystery behind the different shades covering the hills while taking amazing snapshots. Legend has it that when the small town of Purmamarca was formed at the bottom of the hills, it was dull and had no colours. Unlike the adults, the kids found it unacceptable. So, they decided to add a new colour to the hills every day for 7 nights!


Ready for the next destination? Let’s look at the city of Mombasa in Kenya. Found on the coast of Kenya, Mombasa is an exciting city offering several activities and fun. Discover the Kenyan wildlife with different parks and nature reserves. Get ready for some deep sea fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and a visit to the forest at the Arabuko Sokoke National Park! How about discovering the rich Kenyan culture at the Swahili Cultural Centre? Learn some of their traditional skills and enjoy cultural shows. Go on even more adventures with some of the adventure-themed online slots at Give Back Bingo, like Lost Island Slot, Pirate Radio Slot or Dragon Ship Slot.

Looking for some nightlife and fun? Visit the Florida Nightclub and Casino in Mombasa! It’s always party time at the many bars and restaurants, together with the popular Blue Bar. Tired after so much fun and good food? Get ready to relax and sunbathe at the Diani Beach. It is one of the best beach resort in the Indian Ocean. Go for a swim in the crystal blue waters of the sea and relax on the fine white sand of the beach.


Pay a visit to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Let yourself be fascinated by this colourful old cobblestoned town! Discover traditional Georgian experiences in this city. Even if it is developing at a fast pace, the town still retains its authenticity. If after a walk in town you want to take a rest, head to the 24-hour sulphur bathhouses where you will surely be spoiled!

Next, satisfy your taste buds with the traditional Georgian cuisine and enjoy dishes, like the plump Khinkali which consists of spiced meat dumplings. Meet the amazing wild animals at the Tbilisi Zoological Park, one of the largest and oldest zoos in Georgia. Experience a great adventure with hippopotamus, lions, tigers, bears and wolves at the zoo. Visit and admire the marine aquarium, created in 2007.

Jordan Trail

Do you enjoy hiking? If yes, then a visit to Jordan Trail is definitely a must. It is a newly marked historical route on which many great people walked. Ride in the forests, canyons, deserts and along the shores of the Red Sea, while you enjoy a stay in the different guesthouses, home stays and Bedouin campsites.

The architecture along the Jordan Trail will surely catch your breath. The structures you will come across are mostly rock-cut, with a brown colour. How about taking a few snapshots of these to impress your friends?

So, are you ready to go on a great adventure to these travel destinations this year? These are only some of the unique and amazing places, out of the many destinations and landmarks in the world.

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