20 Places Every Christian Must Go


Earth is a huge and beautiful planet boasting rolling hills, lush valleys, and pristine water formations. The discovery and further use of these unique destinations are what makes travel one of the largest industries in the world today. Instead of traveling for pure comfort and earthly desire, Christians too can travel to expand their spiritual understanding and their view of a truly eternal God. Travel has the potential of exposing a person to something new and it can, therefore, expand the mind and lift the spirit. Here are twenty places every able Christian should aim to visit.

Church of the Nativity

Jesus’ birthday is celebrated on December 25th in most countries, but another very important fact of His birth is the location of the manger which can be found still in Bethlehem.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Otherwise known as the site of Christ’s burial, the Holy Sepulcher is one of the holiest sites for Christian pilgrimage. It has finally been reopened to the public after a brief renovation project.

Notre-Dame de Paris

Within the walls of this cathedral are some great Christian art pieces and other treasures such as wood from the True Cross, the Crown of Thorns and one of the Holy Nails.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

Famous for being a site for healing, the Sanctuary boasts waters which have been known to heal sick pilgrims and their helpers.

Shrine of the Three Kings

Going back to the birth of Christ, the Shrine located in Germany holds the bones of the Biblical Magi. The Biblical Magi are also popularly called the Three Kings or the Three Wise Men who came to see Christ after His birth.

Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Located in Egypt, this monastery is the oldest working Christian monastery in the world. Originally built in 565 AD, the monastery was the location of 4th -century manuscripts which were thought to have predated the current bible.

San Silvestro in Capite

While this church has been designated as the national church of Great Britain, this Rome- based church is famous for a totally different reason. It is the reported to be the site which hosts the head of John the Baptist.

Pilgrimage Sites throughout the World

Though many sacrifices, Christianity has managed to touch almost every country in the world. Kicking off a world wind tour, below we will look at some of the popular religious sites by continents:


St Peters Basilica

Cathedral of St Mary of the See located in Spain

South America:

Basilica of Aparecida


Church Of St Mary of Zion

The Middle East:

The Traditional Site of the Baptism of Jesus

Sowers Cove of the Sea of Galilee

The Church Of Heptapegon

The First Tomb of Lazarus

The Second Tomb of Lazarus

The Rock of the Ascension

Site of Imprisonment of Paul and Silas

North America:

Shrine of the True Cross

The Creation Museum


Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum and Monument, Japan

National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. The Philippines


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