10 Weirdest Foods from the Philippines You Should Definitely Try

There are many extraordinary foods from the Philippines that are very tasty.  The problem is that often looks can be deceiving and many of the most intriguing and tasty dishes are also the weirdest.  As you will see from the article below though, if you are ever in the position to, there are 10 weird Filipino foods you should definitely try.


Simply put, Isaw is grilled pork or chicken intestines served a bamboo skewer and coated in a delicious spicy vinegar sauce.  There are two versions, a deep fried and grilled basted in spices, vinegar, soy sauce and banana ketchup.  Don’t worry, the intestines have been properly cleaned and by the time you taste a mouthful, you will forget all about its origins.


No other way to say this than grilled chicken’s head on a stick.  Tasty treat with a very black humorous name.


Although Filipinos have weird ideas about food ingredients, they do not eat shoes.  Rather, in this context Adidas refers to something that’s possibly just as weird as the idea of eating shoes – grilled chicken feet.  Obviously the claws, tips and tougher parts have been removed.


Filipinos are known for having fun with their food and this next one is no different.  Dried cubes of chicken blood that are dipped in spicy vinegar.  Named as such as a nod to the old cartridges of the 80’s.  A weird variation on black pudding.

Kwek Kwek

Had enough of chicken insides?  Well here is hard boiled quail eggs that have been coated in orange batter and served with sweet or vinegary soy sauce.  You get a few per skewer and they are so tasty you will have a hard time resisting them.


Often referred to as blood pudding, Dinuguan is a stew consisting of pork, lots of vinegar and chilli all cooked slowly in pig’s blood.  Served with rice or a puto rice cake, the seemingly off-putting stew he result is a pitch black stew that can be a little disconcerting at first,is a lot more pleasant.


Balut is probably one of the things on this list you’ve heard of, if not let us explain.  It’s fertilised duck egg,  The key to this delicacy is to tap the top, make a small hole, drink the soupy sauce and then peel the shell off, putting the rest in your mouth without looking at the baby chick.  Simple, huh?

Halo Halo

Even travel food writers such as Anthony Bourdain have commented that although the truly weird combination of ingredients does not make sense, Halo Halo is a wonderful dessert.  It’s sweetened fruits, tapioca, jelly, beans all covered in ice and evaporated milk with sweet flan and purple yam ice cream on top.  Perfect to buy from a vendor, stick in the electric cool box and enjoy when you next take a break from sightseeing.


Another cold one – banana or vanilla extract, sugar, evaporated milk and shaved ice with some red food colouring, topped off by powdered milk and chocolate syrup.

“Dirty” Ice Cream

Don’t worry, the name is derived from bad practices by vendors of this delicious treat in the past.  And doesn’t apply now and vendors are checked often by the government to make sure they aren’t using their hands to make it.  Basically ice cream in weird flavours like sherbet-style lemon, chocolate, avocado, cheese and mango and often served in a hamburger bun.  Yes, a hamburger bun.

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