10 ways to overcome dilemmas in Australian holidays

Australia, a continent sharing shores with the Indian and the Pacific oceans, is a world in itself with great natural and cultural enigmas in store for the ones who venture there. The weather and the landscape, from the beaches to the rocky interiors are truly enchanting.

However, given to the unique nature of the place, a little prior knowledge on the dilemmas to be faced with will surely help travelers headed ‘down under’. Here are few roadblocks along the way to having a truly Australian experience on your Australian holiday:

1. How to fight the sun?

Australia has a weather which is in love with sunshine, so it gets hot pretty quick and stays that way throughout the day. Light clothing, lots of drinking water, hats and sunscreen lotion (SPF 30+) are the things which you would be wise to keep at all times.

2. Where are the best beaches?

The beach is where Australia is the most alive, colorful and wild. It is very important to have a list of all the beaches you would like to visit, because there are so many to choose from and they are all so beautiful.

3. What is the aboriginal indigenous culture like?

The indigenous culture supposed to have been started by seafarers travelling from South East Asia, around 40,000 yrs. ago, is as enchanting as it is mysterious. A trip chalking out its origins is bound to make the travelers look at civilization in new light.

4. Where to pitch the tent?

The continent of Australia is a huge land mass, and exploring its interiors the outback hiking as they call it there is a noble but challenging adventure. The wildlife of Australia also makes it important for travelers to stay aware of the ecosystem, and respect and all animals, and take safety precautions against snakes, poisonous insects and crocodiles when camping outdoors.

5. Crocodiles or snakes

The wide array of strange and beautiful animal and plant life in Australia and the experience of witnessing them in their natural habitat draw millions of people to Australia. Making a checklist of the animals and ticking them off might get you started.

6. How deep are we diving?

Watersports is something one has to give in to when visiting Australia. The Australian barrier reef is the place to dive, if one has decided to dive only once in his life.

Then there’s surfing, which is as popular as the beach.

7. How long are we staying?

Australia has a very accommodating tourism department which has Working Holiday Visa agreements with several nations around the world. So if you have one such Visa you can look for a job and keep travelling throughout the country.

8. Bushfires Aaah!

Bushfires are common and cause a lot of damage in the interiors. The most dangerous time is from late spring to summer. Tourists are suggested to be aware to Bushfire warnings before heading out to any area. Another important exercise is to put out fires after camp.

9. How come people are so much fun?

The culture and the vibe on the street in all the cities are welcoming and lively. Even in the country one will find people smiling and helping one another. The place leaves feeling so happy, that you would think it is contagious

10. What beer are we drinking?

Australians love their beers. It’s a symbol of celebration, and they are proud of it. Tasting the beers brewed and exported by Australia, is needless to say, an absolute must.

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