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Are you embarking on your first business trip? The trip can be exciting and nerve-racking at once, especially if this is your first job-related travel. Fortunately, there are many others in the business world that have gone before you. The following are some advice compiled from seasoned entrepreneurs who have embarked on their fair share of business meetings overseas.

It’s not All Fun and Adventure

Most seasoned travelers have lamented about the ills of travel, such as flight delays, the hotel double-booking, etc. If you travel for business often, sooner or later, you’re going to run into a roadblock. While not fully avoidable, you can minimize the chances of an unexpected occurrence with some pre-travel planning.

Some of the advice from veteran business travelers include these pointers:

  • Never take the last flight of the day if you don’t have to. Last flights are affected most by delays and cancellations. A cancelled final flight can delay you by an entire day.
  • Your boss may have already selected a hotel for you. However, if you have any input, then look up hotels with high ratings in areas like customer service, fast Wi-Fi, and convenient location.
  • Communication is everything, so be sure your phone will work at your destination. Fortunately, you don’t have to search for this information manually, as HandsetExpert put together a comprehensive online roaming charges app you can use from your browser to determine whether you need a better deal from your provider to suit your traveling needs.
  • If traveling is a regular part of your business, try to stay at the same hotel chain every time. Most hotel franchises have rewards programs where you can rack up points. This can lead to huge savings and amenities.

Maximizing Your Enjoyment

While downtime may be limited, most experts agree that you should make the most of your trip when not meeting with a client or attending that mandatory conference. In other words, don’t confine yourself to the hotel premise.

Follow these tips to mix business with pleasure:

  • Take a lot of mental notes when browsing the city. Are there any local shops or attractions that look particularly interesting? Even if you don’t have time to check these places out, keep them in mind so that you may stop by on your next business trip or family vacation.
  • Food consistently ranks as one of the things people look most forward to in a new city or country. Even if time is not on your side, at least try out some of the local cuisines. Entertaining your taste buds is one of the best ways to create a memorable experience.
  • If the destination is a place you been to before, then switch things up as much as you can. Even if there is a particular restaurant you liked from a prior visit, try a different eatery instead of dining at the same establishment.
  • Don’t think it’s informal or shunned upon to ask the client or investor you’re meeting for recommended places to visit.

Even with these tips, making the most of a business trip is ultimately a venture that requires direct experience. After a few travels under your belt, you’ll know what you need to do to make the trip worthwhile for you.


Dan McCarthy is an Event Manager at Venueseeker, an event management company based in the UK. Dan has 6 years of event project management under his belt. He has worked on many successful events, and currently, he shares his knowledge by writing on the company blog. Follow him on Twitter @DanCarthy2.

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