Mar 10, 2012

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3 Unusual Holidays

3 Unusual Holidays

By Emma Pearson

Think summer holiday and instantly a fortnight lying comatose on a beach springs to mind. Although relaxation is not to be under-rated, there is more to be seen and experienced in the world than the Irish bars of the Costa Del Sol.

Whether you swap the sun cream for sleeping bags and a spot of glamping in Brighton or if it’s re-charging your batteries in Bali that tickles your fancy, there is an array of unique holidays available to suit any budget. Why not make 2012’s holiday a memorable one and take the term venture to a whole new level. Adventure holidays truly take you off the beaten track and allow you to discover vibrant places and diverse cultures in exciting ways. If you want an awakening holiday this year and a chance to be active and exhilarated, look no further than these three unusual trips.

First up is a one for the fearless and strong. Genghis Khan Warrior Training is a one-of-a-kind cultural and adventure holiday in Mongolia that was featured in a BBC book ‘Unforgettable Things to Do Before You Die’. Experience first-hand what it felt like to be a Mongol warrior under the mighty Genghis Khan. Learn archery, horse riding, cooking, shaman rituals, ancient folklore and military tactics whilst wearing a traditional ‘deel’ costume and staying at a Mongolian ger camp.

You will find yourself sipping traditional salted tea with nomadic families, lassoing horses and engaging in century old battle tactics before sitting down to a traditional meal fit for a warrior. This trip offers a variety of unique experiences in one of the world’s fastest growing adventure destinations.

Next up is one for the thrill-seeker. Storm chasing tours were made for the adrenaline-junkie. If you get giddy at the thought of hunting down nature’s most awesome storms and breathless at the prospect of experiencing tempestuous tornadoes, ferocious storm structures and dazzling lightening displays, then this is the adventure trip for you.

Storm chasing tours operate mainly along ‘Tornado Alley’ in the Midwest USA, but also chasing hurricanes wherever they come ashore. You can join them, spending hours in a minivan racing up and down on the prairies of Kansas, Omaha & Nebraska, tracking down nature’s most tremendous spectacles in a protected and controlled environment.

Next in our list is an experience that is not for the feint-hearted. Ghost breaks have been gathering momentum in recent years and are perfect for tourists who are spiritual or just enjoy being scared to their wits end. Launched in response to the growing interest in the paranormal created by TV programmes such as ‘Most Haunted’, these trips offer ghost hunting enthusiasts the chance to connect with spirits and energy from the ‘other side’.

Venues are available all over the UK and Europe and are chosen for their history of hauntings and supernatural activity. These include prisons, medieval castles, caves, mansions and haunted pubs to name a few.

So break the mould when it comes to your holiday this year and trade in sun-worshipping for shaman rituals or storm chasing. Swap the post-holiday heavy with vacation vivacity in a trip that will stay with you for the rest of your life.



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